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Murders in Ukraine (Update)

(Credit: Konstantin Ivanchenko)
(Credit: Konstantin Ivanchenko)

(BRUSSELS2) What has happened over the last two days in kyiv is not simple clashes between demonstrators and the police, a demonstration which tragically got out of control, or even police officers, exasperated at being caught under the shots from demonstrators who are “going crazy”, that’s something else.

Shots aimed at killing

The use of certain weapons, the manner of using them, the number of victims do not reflect a state of self-defense, but rather a planned clean-up operation. Likewise, if we must question the responsibility of the “extremist groups” who were on the side of the demonstrators in Maidan Square, we must also question the meaning of the provocation of the Ukrainian regime which does not seem to not having hesitated to sow trouble or even favor certain groups of thugs, the better to repress harshly. Amateur video broadcast by Ukrainian online radio Svoboda also shows police use of firearms for download here.


(UPDATE) The first elements of the investigation led by Ukrainian MP Gennady Moskal demonstrate careful preparation. A special sniper unit directly attached to the commander of the forces of the Ministry of the Interior of Ukraine, Stanislav Shulyak, has been positioned, he writes on his website. It came from the Crimean Territorial Forces under the command of Colonel Sergei Asavalyuk. It was equipped with 80 British-made AVK-type sniper rifles. A completely legal purchase, since a purchase notice had been published in the Journal des Marchés Publics. As for the Berkuts, they were placed under the direct supervision of Deputy Interior Minister Viktor Ratushnaik.

Ammunition discovered

Already, on February 16, a Polish journalist, Piotr Andrusieczko, reported his rather surprising discovery of ammunition in a Berkut police station opposite the presidential office (NB: before the massacres on Maidan Square). “ In the immediate vicinity of the barricade, on the side of the Berkouts, there were unexploded firecrackers and Molotov cocktails. But also heaps of ammunition casings” reveals the journalist on the online site of Nowa Europa Wschodnia before adding: "the quantities discovered (hundreds, if not thousands of them) testify to the variety of weapons used ».

 Different types of ammunition

The Polish journalist and his counterparts identify several types of ammunition. The sockets with red envelopes are produced by the French company, Spartan, those with the orange envelope are Czech and produced by Sellier & Bellot; “the white shell casings had no markings, but the American journalists present identified them as American” says Piotr Andrusieczko. Finally, there were Polish blue sockets, made by FAM Poinki. According to the Polish arms site, it is a “ special armament with live ammunition ». "They are marked LFT-6.8 (of 12 gauge) and each casing contains 12 lead balls" writes Andrusieczko. For the journalist, it is a powerful buckshot, “used when hunting wolves, wild cats, small and medium boars” Ammunition which comes more from hunting weapons than from weapons of war.

(Nicolas Gros-Verheyde & Loreline Merelle)

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