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Bye bye Yanukovych! (Shift4)

The Kharkov meeting where Yanukovych is expected. Ancient symbols and people wisely sitting on the bleachers (credit: Euromaidan)
The Kharkov meeting where Yanukovych is expected. Ancient symbols and people wisely sitting on the bleachers (credit: Euromaidan)

(BRUSSELS2) Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych has resigned, announces the private press agency Interfax citing a statement from a Ukrainian MP, Ivan Kyrylenko, member of the opponent Tymoshenko's party.

The President in Kharkov

Impossible to verify immediately. But there is already a virtual resignation: the website of the president was inactive on Saturday at 14 p.m. The president left (flee say his opponents) the capital in the early morning. And he was expected in Karkhov, where he has warm supporters, to give a speech.

The Rada takes the revolution in motion

Since last night, and the announcement of an agreement between the government and the opposition, events have accelerated in Ukraine. After the street, the Parliament (Rada) took over on Saturday. A new President of Parliament, close to former President Tymoshenko, Oleksandr Turchynov was elected head of the Ukrainian Parliament; he will without further delay exercise the functions of “coordination of government activity”. He is, in fact, an interim Prime Minister. A new Minister of the Interior has been appointed: also a close friend of Tymoshenko, Arsen Avakov, originally from Kharkov (portrait to follow on the Club). And the principle of the opponent's release was recorded. To be continued. The Ukrainian revolution continues...

(Shift) For Yanukovych, a coup d'état

At 15 p.m., the site was restored. And presidential advisor Hanna Harmer tells Interfax that the president has not resigned. In a television interview, President Yanukovych confirms “ I have no intention of resigning ". He denounces the pressure and intimidation, including physical, to which the deputies of his party, the Party of Regions, are victims, in particular the leader of the group V. Rybak. Finally, he considers the progress described by the opposition as a “coup d’état”. watch the TV interview on Youtube 

European ultimatum

« There is no coup in kyiv replied Polish Foreign Minister Radek Sikorski. " Government buildings have been abandoned. The president of the Rada (Parliament) was legally elected. President Viktor Yanukovych still has 24 hours to sign the implementation of the 2004 Constitution » as provided for in the agreement signed on Friday (February 21) between the two Ukrainian parties, under the aegis of the European troika (which provided for a deadline of 48 hours after signing). Read (Club): The Kyiv six-point agreement (the text) Radek Sikorski thus asserts himself as the new strong man of European diplomacy.

 Yanukovych fired!

Around 16:30 p.m. (17:30 p.m. local time), the Ukrainian parliament voted by an overwhelming majority (328 votes to 0) to dismiss President Yanukovych (impeachment procedure) and to organize early presidential elections on May 25 (the date which is also that of the elections to the European Parliament). At the same time, we learned of the effective release of opponent Yulia Tymoshenko. According to the English-language daily, the KyivPost, the new speaker of Parliament confirmed that Yanukovych had first announced his resignation, then after consultation with his advisors, had retracted and reversed his decision. “He has left office and his whereabouts are unknown. clarified the new speaker of the Ukrainian parliament.

Tymoshenko released

(credit: Espresso TV)
(credit: Espresso TV)

The order to release opponent Yulia Tymoshenko is carried out quickly. And Tymoshenko arrives in a wheelchair on Maidan Square. In a wheelchair, but energetic. She calls for sanctions against those who committed bloody acts and to “ punish Yanukovych ". " You are rebuilding Ukraine, thanks to you ", she says. However, she calls for reconciliation, explaining that she spoke to the people of Kharkov, people who are afraid. " Ukraine is a wounded body. She's bleeding. We need to heal the wounds. (…) Stay united. Don't be divided. "" We can build the Ukraine we all dream of (…) You are the only guarantee that Ukraine can move forward.”

(Nicolas Gros-Verheyde)

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