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The United States will destroy the priority Syrian chemical arsenal

Kerry and Lavrov during the agreement on the destruction of the Syrian chemical arsenal. (US State Dpt)
Kerry and Lavrov during the agreement on the destruction of the Syrian chemical arsenal (Credit: US State Department)

(B2) The OPCW confirmed that it received on Friday (29 November) a proposal from the United States to neutralize Syria's priority chemicals, which must be removed from the country by 31 December. The USA offered funding, full operational support and technology” to destroy these products, announces the organization.

Priority stocks destroyed on a US ship at sea

Neutralization operations will be carried out on an American ship at sea using the hydrolysis technique. Currently, a navy vessel is being modified to support operations and accommodate OPCW verification activities. For the destruction of Syria's stockpiles of other chemicals, including common industrial products – which constitute a significant part of Syria's declared stockpile – the OPCW has received to date 35 expressions of interest from commercial companies, of which " evaluation is in progress ».

35 candidate companies for the rest of the stocks

« This number may change during the bidding process — we specify to the OPCW. “We are (in fact) at the preliminary stage of evaluating the availability of suitable candidate companies. (…) Companies applying for the elimination process will be required to comply with all national and international regulations applicable to safety and the environment.”

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