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The Commission crosses the line…

Pia Ahrenkilde Hansen, European Commission Spokesperson (Credit: European Commission)
Pia Ahrenkilde Hansen, European Commission Spokesperson (Credit: European Commission)

(BRUSSELS2)  “The European perspective is evident in the [Eastern Partnership] process” according to European Commission spokeswoman Pia Ahrenkilde Hansen, answering a question from journalists during the daily briefing on Monday (2 December). A " evidence » which must have startled more than one diplomat!

Red line crossed at light speed

This is a real red line from which the European Commission seems to have freed itself. For certain Member States, there is in fact absolutely no question of a “European perspective” for the Eastern Partnership countries. This is particularly the case for France (Club details: The European perspective: a red line!). “I don’t see any ambivalence” nevertheless insisted the spokesperson. “But each country has a history that we will take into account” she insisted.

Comments (NGV): we knew the Commission was ardently in favor of resuming an enlargement process which was running out of steam. The integration of all the Balkan countries, to which a very clear prospect of European integration was opened in the 2000s, is difficult. This stubbornness is certainly laudable in a certain sense. But it is important to be careful not to confuse two organizations: the Council of Europe which brings together all the countries of the continent around certain values ​​and the European Union which integrates some of them more closely. We must also take into account certain realities. With the Balkan countries, Europe should have 34 states. You have to set a limit at some point. The conviction of further European integration is today increasingly fragile in certain countries (not only the United Kingdom). And believing that the entry of new countries will be able to unite the European peoples is a real bet on the future. There is a time when a brick, even a light one, on a weakened building, can cause it to wobble in its entirety...

Loreline Merelle

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