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The former Pasha of Joan of Arc at the head of EUNavfor

H. Blejean (left) handing over command of CTF 150 to his Pakistani counterpart on August 1, 2013 (credit: CTF 150 / Dicod)
H. Blejean (left) handing over command of CTF 150 to his Pakistani counterpart on August 1, 2013 (credit: CTF 150 / Dicod)

(BRUSSELS2) The French rear-admiral, Hervé Bléjean, will take command of the European anti-piracy force (EUNAVFOR) deployed in the Indian Ocean and in the Gulf of Aden, from 6 December next. He will take over from Dutch Commodore Peter Lenselink. This appointment must be ratified at the COPS, the Political and Security Committee, today. It is on board TCD Siroco that he will officiate (read: Latest piracy news (Dec 1, 2013).

FAN, Joan of Arc, Ponant, Atalanta and CTF150

Recently appointed (last September), Deputy to the Commander of the Air-Maritime Rapid Reaction Force and Deputy to the Commander of the Naval Action Force (ALFAN) for the operational preparation of the force staffs, alongside Vice-Admiral D wing Coindreau, the one who was still only captain had previously commanded the training ship and helicopter carrier Jeanne D'Arc from August 2007 to July 2009 (read on Ouest-France/Maville its portrait/selfportrait upon taking office). In particular, the ship came in support for the liberation of the Ponant (Operation Thalatine) in April 2008 and took part in Operation Atalanta for a few weeks (read: The succession of the first 4 months is preparing for EUNAVFOR). Last July, he also commanded the CTF 150 operation (anti-terrorism) aboard the BCR Somme, between the Red Sea and the Gulf of Oman, before handing over command to Pakistani forces (see photo).

30 years in the navy

Coming from the 1984 promotion of the Naval School, Hervé Bléjean begins to sail on the aviso escorteur Victor Schoelcher as head of the nautical conduct department. The following year, he became second in command of the mine warfare experimental building. Thetis. After a year at the transmission specialty school, he joined the American ship USS Nicholson as an exchange officer and assistant to the operations group leader for two years. In 1993, he took command of the school building Leopard, then became aide-de-camp to Admiral Lefèbvre, Chief of the Naval Staff, then boarded the anti-submarine frigate Georges Leygues as Head of the Operations Group. He was then assigned in 1998 to the naval action force as a training officer in the training division. After training at the joint defense college, he is in charge of the mission of the director of the military function and civilian personnel.

Enduring freedom

In July 2002, he took command of the surveillance frigate Vendemiaire, based in Noumea. He participated for more than four months in Operation Enduring Freedom in the Gulfs of Aden and Oman. But he doesn't hate adapting to local customs either, especially in Polynesia: for those who want an overview of adaptability, the photo published by our colleague Mer et Marine, is worth a look: here ! Assistant to the head of the human resources policy office of the naval staff, he worked in this capacity on the establishment of the new general status of the military (2003-2005), he was appointed captain and in the summer of 2005 became head of the “maritime operations management” unit at the operations management and planning center (CPCO), within the French armed forces staff.

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