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Latest piracy news (Dec 1, 2013)


Latest report on piracy

In 2013, there were 234 “incidents” reported including 12 ship captures (hijackings) by pirates around the world, according to a latest report established by the international maritime chamber of commerce. The “Somali front” remains calm with 13 incidents reported and 2 captures. While off the coast of Nigeria, there have been 30 incidents and 2 captures. West Africa is today more dangerous than East Africa.

Pirates off Kenya?

Kenya Defense Force (KDF) spokesman Emmanuel Chirchir has warned that any pirate attack will be answered. " Our naval troops are patrolling Kenyan territorial waters as far as Kismayo in Somalia, and any attempt to attack the ships will be firmly foiled. “, he declared to the New China agency. We are witnessing a resurgence of attacks with warmer weather. Five failed attacks were recorded in the Indian Ocean in November, according to Andrew Mwangura, general secretary of the Kenya Seafarers' Union (KSU). The Kenyan government also announced the strengthening of Kenyan actions on land. “ We decided to solve the problem of piracy at the source and the Kenya Defense Forces (KDF) entered Somalia last year to team up with allied forces, and we are now on the path to stabilizing Somalia said a government official on condition of anonymity.

TF 473 deploys in the Indian Ocean

The aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle left for the Indian Ocean for a 3-month mission which will include various exercises and port visits. It forms the heart of the Naval Air Group (GAN) made up of the anti-aircraft defense frigate Forbin (D-620), the anti-submarine frigate John of Vienna, the oil tanker Meuse and a nuclear attack submarine. In addition to the combat buildings, the embarked air group (GAé) composed of 10 Flurry, 10 Super Standards Modernized, 2 Hawkeyee, 2 helicopters Dolphin, a helicopter Alouette III, 2 helicopters Caracal. In all 2600 sailors. On the program, after ten days of certification of the group in the Western Mediterranean, aero-maritime cooperation with partner countries, in particular Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates, specifies the General Staff of the Armed Forces. And close cooperation with the American naval strike group, formed around theUSS Harry S. Truman, which will be present in the Arabian Sea and the Arabian-Persian Gulf at the same time.

French reinforcement for Atalanta

The TCD landing craft Sirocco (L-9012) and the notice Cdt Ducuing (F-795) will join the European anti-piracy force Eunavfor Atalanta (TF 465) in the Indian Ocean. A French officer (Rear-Admiral Blejean) will take command of TF 465 from December 2013 until April 2014.

The Spanish F-101 soon in Ocean Shield

The Spanish Air Defense Frigate Alvaro de Bazan (F-101) will be integrated into NATO's anti-piracy operation, Ocean Shield. The ship, which is currently part of the anti-terrorism mission Active Endeavor in the Mediterranean, should pass the Suez Canal at the beginning of December.

Back home for RFA Lyme Bay

Exercise (Credits: EUNAVFOR Somalia)
Exercise (Credits: EUNAVFOR Somalia)

After 32 days of patrol within the European operation EU Navfor Atalanta, the large British landing ship took the route back to the English coast. On board, 8 Lynx Mark helicopters and a Marine Sniper Team, as well as 5 RHIB speedboats from the 539th Assault Squadron Royal Marines (2 Rigid inflatable boats and 3 Offshore raiding craft).

The crew of the Lyme Bay made 11 “friendly approaches” with local fishermen as well as numerous intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance missions. He also participated in the “Cutlass Express” exercise, led by the American Navy, off the coast of Dibouti. The British ship played the role of target ship and “brought its expertise to the boarding procedures and techniques” specifies the Eunavfor press release.

Tanzanian Navy training 

The training exercise (Credits: EUNAVFOR Somalia)
The practical exercise consisted of a simulated boarding, search and seizure of pirates. (Credits: EUNAVFOR Somalia)

The Spanish Ocean Patrol Boat Meteoro (P-41), stopping at the port of Dar es Salaam, carried out a series of trainings for Tanzanian navy personnel in order to strengthen local maritime capabilities. Participants were briefed by the ship's commander, Juan Carlos Pérez, on the contribution of the Spanish Navy (and other European navies) to the EU anti-piracy operation “Atalanta”. Theoretical training also covered general aspects. A highlight was the explanation of the safety rules for the planned exercises.


Meeting with Chinese forces 

(Credits: EUNAVFOR Atalanta)
The delegation was welcomed by Rear Admiral Jiang Zhonghua and Captain Liu Zhonghu, the commander of this new warship, which entered service in 2011 (Credits: EUNAVFOR Atalanta)

The Commander of the European Union Naval Anti-Piracy Force (EUnavfor), Dutchman Peter Lenselink, met his Chinese counterparts on Friday (22 November) aboard the Chinese flagship Jing Gangshan in the Gulf of Aden. The visit was an opportunity to discuss anti-piracy operations. The Chinese task force will provide escort to World Food Program (WFP) ships delivering aid to Somalia. “ The cooperation with the Chinese Navy is remarkable and highlights the importance they place on security and freedom of trade at sea said Commodore Peter Lenselink.


Refueling at sea: thank you Americans

Cable approximation (Credits: EUNAVFOR Somalia)
Approach fuel pipes. (Credits: EUNAVFOR Atalanta)

On the morning of Tuesday, November 19, the Italian warship ITS Libeccio (F-572) conducted a replenishment at sea (RAS) with the American auxiliary ship USNS Arctic. Refueling is an extremely delicate maneuver (every sailor will tell you that). It requires the two ships to sail very close together, so that the fuel lines can first slide to the other ship and then remain relatively stable throughout the operation. It is also common for one supply ship of an operation to supply several ships with fuel, water and food. The ITS Libeccio was thus able to continue its anti-piracy patrol in a high-risk area off the Somali coast.

(Leonor Hubaut & Nicolas Gros-Verheyde)

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