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EATC reaches full operational capability

General Valentin (credit: EATC)
General Valentin (credit: EATC)

(BRUSSELS2) All air chiefs gathered last Thursday (November 28) at Eindhoven military airport to celebrate the “full operational capacity” (*) of the European Air Transport Command (EATC). Bringing together 4 countries originally (France, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands), 5 today (with Luxembourg) and soon 6 (with Spain), or even 7 (with Italy), EATC is without undoubtedly the most successful example of European-style “pooling and sharing”. [Also read: EATC: a model to follow]

An intermediate step

« If we consider the overall objectives of EATC, which is to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the means of in-flight refueling and air transport of the participating nations, as well as the modular structure, this declaration should rather be seen as an intermediate step for further development of EATC declared General Claude Van de Voorde, head of MATraC (the military transport committee) which presides over the destiny of this atypical structure.

On the balance sheet

In 2012, EATC carried out 7682 missions, a relatively stable figure compared to the previous year. But a productivity gain of 15%. In fact, it had 15% fewer aircraft available (unavailable or withdrawn from service). 345.000 passengers were transported (compared to 305.000 in 2011).


(*) Full operational capability or FOC according to the English name commonly used in aeronautics

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