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Be careful not to abandon Afghanistan

The European mission in Afghanistan.
The parliamentary delegation to Afghanistan (credit: Arnaud Danjean)

(BRUSSELS2) A delegation of four MEPs* was in Afghanistan on 28 October for 4 days to consider the future of the EUPOL Afghanistan mission and the situation in the country. “Conclusions are very difficult to draw” as explained by Arnaud Danjean, the chairman of the defense subcommittee on his return. If everyone agrees that " don't give up on Afghanistan ", the delegation was balanced between the optimism of the pro-Karzai and the NATO coalition, due to the rise in power of the Afghan security forces, as well as the inability of the Taliban to exert military influence on the entire territory and the pessimism of those who believe that the Taliban can plunge the entire region into chaos by destabilizing the alliances between anti-Taliban factions. On site, the MEPs were able to meet the European police mission which trains the executives of the Ministry of the Interior and the Afghan police, as well as the leaders of the political parties, all of whom expressed the need for support from the West after the elections.

The conditions of the transition

The transition can only succeed with " strong international attention and assistance” in the establishment of alliances to establish a coherent central power. Otherwise, predicts Arnaud Danjean, “ they will tear themselves apart and give way to the Taliban ". Ensuring the smooth running of elections should be the essential task of the international community, said the delegation. And its validity will be the key to the stability of the country. However, international actors today seem to be hastening to disengage, at the very moment when a sufficient concentration of their resources proves necessary to conduct the electoral process in good conditions.

(*) In addition to the Frenchman Arnaud Danjean (UMP/PPE), the Dutchman Thjs Berman (PvDA/S&D), the Italian Carlo Fidanza (Fratelli d'Italia/PPE) and the Polish Pawel Robert Kowal (PJN/ECR) were present.

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