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An EU battlegroup in the Central African Republic? The discussion continues

The Member States that are currently part of the Battlegroup are Latvia, Lithuania and the United Kingdom. (Credits: Lithuanian Defense Ministry)
The Member States that are currently part of the Battlegroup are Latvia, Lithuania and the United Kingdom. (Credits: Lithuanian Ministry of Defense)

(B2, exclusive) The deployment of battle groups in the Central African Republic is one of the options the European Union is considering. B2 readers were warned (read: Central African Republic. Is a European initiative possible? (Shift). A reflection officially confirmed by Walter Stevens, the president of the Political and Security Committee (COPS).

A reflection initiated at the COPS

This option has, in fact, arrived at the level of the Political and Security Committee (PSC). But no decision yet. " We will see in the next few weeks he said cautiously, before the Security and Defense sub-committee of the European Parliament (attended by B2). " We are waiting for the green light to continue negotiations with the United Nations, the French and other partners, to see what we can do together and thus formulate something concrete. » The diplomat hailed the “ reinforcement of the French presence explaining that the European Union is working to follow this movement. " The situation is starting to get out of control. The forces on the spot cannot do anything. There are more and more rebels, bandits. »

An alternative solution: EUFOR?

The alternative to the battlegroup would be to set up a European military mission or operation, of the EUFOR type. But the generation of forces necessary would delay (the process) several months and would therefore be "slow" in the face of an emergency.

The European Union one war behind?

Some MEPs pleaded the urgency of the situation and the indecision of the European Union. The EU will still being accused of doing nothing thus warned the Finnish Tarja Cronberg (Greens), wondering about the causes of the non-use of battlegroups. Walter Stevens then found all his talents as a diplomat to explain that the "battlegroup" " is a fantastic instrument of cooperation and work but difficult to use. " I've been dealing with it for two years. There have been many proposals but it all depends on the political will and therefore of the Member States.

Comments : All eyes are thus on the United Kingdom and the Netherlands (which supply most of the battle group permanent these weeks... Suffice to say that it would be a small revolution if London said yes! As to battle group next, the Helbroc, made up of Greeks, Rumanians, Bulgarians, Cypriots and... Ukrainians etc. Above all, it lacks... finances. A point confirmed to B2 by a diplomat close to these countries.


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