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Who has an interest in ending the EULEX Kosovo mission?

(BRUSSELS2) The EULEX mission is frowned upon by some in Kosovo (*). There are of course the Kosovo Serbs, defenders of Serbian national identity, who take a dim view of this Western presence which aims to pacify the situation on the ground. But this feeling is also shared on the Albanian side. In certain circles of power in Pristina, we would like the Europeans to “get out”. Prime Minister Hashim Thaçi did not hide it on several occasions. Finally, and above all, the European mission EULEX is also disturbing by its very existence, and the effectiveness that it is beginning to have in the functioning of Kosovar justice. The work carried out by the special prosecutor, the judges, the EULEX police officers, the searches, the investigations, the arrests of corrupt people, of traffickers of all kinds, disrupt a small, well-established world, mafia of all stripes, who would like to traffic in complete tranquility. All this makes for a set of not insignificant leads which had an interest in a strong gesture such as the assassination of a customs officer member of Eulex.

NB: to perceive a certain thought, you can watch this local rap clip entitled “fuck Eulex"

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(*) To be convinced, watch this video “Fuck Eulex"

Nicolas Gros Verheyde

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2 thoughts on “Who has an interest in ending the EULEX Kosovo mission?"

  • WE are offended!! , WE are surprised!! !! ? I was in Mitrovica from November 1999 to March 2000 then elsewhere until November 2000 and this was already foreseeable. 2 or 3 of UCK had forced the entry of the meeting room of the UNO, Taçi was one I believe, they remained in spite of “strong protests”. For those concerned the existence of all traffics (living organs included) was known. Except confining the Serbs to their enclaves (farms or villages) little has been done. In 2000 the US transported in a special plane and operated in the USA a maieu chief from around Pristina who was seriously injured in a party with friends. We can help no! A huge underground base has been created, why? In this global crossroads of peace, who has an interest in maintaining this climate? Have we been without information for more than 15 years?
    Ditto for the Karadjic adventure, in 1997 SFOR was in trouble, although it was informed firsthand; the population knew when and where he was, what he was doing. In 2003 ON was still looking. In due time, we made arrangements. Ah the magicians who arrive well!

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