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Latest piracy news (October 27, 2013)


A British support ship in EUNAVFOR

(credit: navy)
(credit: navy)

End of mission for the Zefiro

The Italian frigate Zeffiro has just completed its mission in the Indian Ocean. Departing on May 16 from the port of Taranto, she had been engaged since June 6 in the EU anti-piracy operation (EUNAVFOR Atalanta). It was noted on October 6 by Libeccio. On his return to Italy, in the port of Taranto, the sirens of all the ships sounded. “ We are particularly proud to see you back, and proud of what you have accomplished. » explained Admiral Filippo Maria Foffi, commander-in-chief of the naval squadron. “ Silently, without fuss, you did your job efficiently. As ambassadors of Italy, you have brought to the seas proof of a country that knows how to go to sea, protect its interests and ensure the security of national commerce. »

South Korean succession at CTF 151

The South Korean ship ROKS Choi Young has joined the anti-piracy coalition CTF 151 (under American leadership). He relieves ROKS Wang Geon. As Commodore Jeremy Blunden of British RFA Fort Victoria explained: “Having witnessed the first class work done by ROKS Wang Geon, I very much look forward to working with ROKS Choi Young to ensure the safety of navigation for merchant ships passing through the Indian Ocean and Gulf of Aden. »

Two Americans kidnapped off Nigeria

Two Americans, the captain and chief engineer of an oil supply ship, were kidnapped off the coast of Nigeria on Wednesday (October 23) by pirates who attacked their vessel off the coast of Brass, Bayelsa State. on October 24. 11 people were on board the ship, nine others were released immediately. The circumstances of the kidnapping are relatively unclear. Piracy off the coast of Guinea is based more on the theft of equipment and goods on board, and the sailors kept hostage during the operation. But they are rarely kept in captivity as ransom.

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