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EUMM Georgia mission extended. The legal autonomy of the mission strengthened

(BRUSSELS2) The observation mission in Georgia will be extended for an additional year and three, until December 14, 2014. The decision was endorsed by the “28” on Friday (September 6). In this extension, modifications are made, allowing management flexibility.

Budget maintained

The budget will be 26,65 million euros for the 15-month period. That is to say an amount which appears higher compared to the 2012-2013 financial year which is ending (20,9 million euros) but for three additional months. In fact, it is the renewal of the same budget (+ 2% increase in the budget by taking into account inflation). For 2011-2012, the budget was 23,9 million euros. And the previous year, in 2010-2011, the budget was 26,6 million euros.

The legal capacity of the mission

The mission acquires its own legal capacity. " EUMM Georgia has the capacity to purchase services and supplies, enter into contracts and administrative arrangements, employ personnel, hold bank accounts, acquire and dispose of property and liquidate its liabilities, as well as to take legal action, to the extent necessary for the implementation of this decision.” The mission will now be responsible for all obligations – except serious misconduct. “ EUMM Georgia responds to any complaints and obligations arising from the execution of the mandate from September 15, 2013, with the exception of complaints related to serious misconduct of the head »

Responsibility of the head of mission transferred

The financial and legal responsibility of the head of mission – on whom everything previously rested (signing of external contracts, employment contracts, financial responsibility) is transferred to the mission as such. The notion of financial responsibility of the head of the mission “ responsible for the execution of the mission budget has thus been deleted and replaced by a notion of responsibility of the EUMM Georgia mission. “EUMM Georgia is responsible for the execution of the mission’s budget. To this end, the mission signs an agreement with the Commission. » Similarly, it is no longer the head of mission who is responsible for employment contracts. " " The conditions of employment as well as the rights and obligations of international and local staff are set out in the contracts concluded between EUMM Georgia and the staff members concerned.'

Delegation of responsibility

Finally, the head of mission may delegate certain responsibilities, particularly financial ones, to other members of the mission. Which addresses certain concerns or criticisms. “ The head of the mission is the representative of the mission. Under his overall responsibility, he may delegate management tasks relating to personnel and financial matters to mission staff. ».

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