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The Cid investigates in Kabul

(BRUSSELS2) It could almost be the title of an Agata Cristie novel or a new SAS. “A murder case in Kabul”. Inspector M. is called to the murder scene and begins to investigate. “ We received a call that someone had been killed in this house. The initial report mentioned that this person had been killed from outside.. Mr. as a good follower of Hercule Poirot and his team collect the evidence, question the people in the house. This allows M. to realize that the version initially given is false. " It was clear to me that the person was killed in the house. »

Avoid mistakes

Investigation techniques that he was able to learn and perfect through contacts with his European colleagues, during courses given by the EUPOL Afghanistan mission. A mission which, very discreetly, fulfills the objectives of structuring the Afghan judicial police. “ Without this – recognizes M. – “I would have come to a different conclusion ". M. is, in fact, one of the nine “detectives” of the criminal investigation department (CID) of the city of Kabul who followed a 3-week course at the criminal investigation college where EUPOL trainers teach crime scene management, evidence collection, scientific photography…

Learning techniques, as important as the equipment

For Richard Woodhouse, Head of Training at EUPOL Senior Training Developer, this training is " essential because it gives detectives the " possibility of using modern investigation techniques ». Having the correct equipment to carry out investigations is also important to enable CID agents to carry out their daily tasks. (But) the training already allows them to get by. » « These courses not only encourage us for our work — confirms Lieutenant Colonel Aseel, Directorate of Investigations at Kabul Police CID —, these lessons have a great impact on motivation, they help us to be self-sufficient, to plan and organize everything, by ourselves, for the future. » 

Nicolas Gros Verheyde

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