Are the Mv Albedo sailors alive?

Rescue BoatAlbedo2@Eunavfor130710(BRUSSELS2) The Mv Albedo, this ship in the hands of pirates, sank a week ago already. And no news on the fate of the sailors on board seems certain. One fact, however, seems proven, bringing hope. During an aerial reconnaissance mission, the pilots of the European anti-piracy mission spotted an overturned lifeboat from the MV Albedo on the shore. The mention on the hull leaves no doubt, as shown by the zoom carried out by the observer of the plane. A rigid-hulled dinghy was spotted stranded near the beach. These canoes were found 14 miles north of the sinking site. No one was nearby, said the EU anti-piracy HQ (Atalanta).

Desire ?

According to the Bengali Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the 7 Bengali sailors are believed to be alive, and have been transferred to another pirate ship. A hacker calling himself Hussein told Reuters that " 7 pirates and 4 sailors lost their lives ", and that there was “13 missing”, adding " we had no boat to save them ».

No confirmation from the side of HQ Atalanta that we questioned: “ There was no sign of the hostages in or near the boat, or at sea. We continue to watch the situation carefully.”

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