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Balkan mafia boss arrested

(BRUSSELS2) The investigation unit for organized crime of EULEX in Kosovo arrested on Tuesday (7 May), the trafficker Naser Kelmendi in Pristina (Kosovo). This arrest took place on the basis of an arrest warrant issued by the special prosecutor EULEX and on the basis of an investigation by the Office for Special Investigations of the European Mission. The operation " was conducted in coordination with local prosecutors “, we say to Eulex.

Naser Kelmendi is accused of organized crime, including drug trafficking. He had been arrested on Sunday (May 5) before being released and then arrested again, less than 48 hours later (Tuesday May 7). He is considered one of the "bosses" of the local mafia and was notably included on the list of the most dangerous international criminals according to the United States since 2012.

Thomas LeBihan

Student in "Public Affairs European Governance course" at Paris I. Intern at B2. Follows the news of the European Parliament.