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19 more months for EUPOL Afghanistan

joint patrol in Mazar-e-Sharif (credit: Eupol Afghanistan)

(BRUSSELS2) The keel is not for the immediate future for EUPOL Afghanistan personnel. The Council officially decided today, Monday 27 May, to extend the European Union police mission in Afghanistan by 19 months, until December 2014. This is not really a surprise. The 27 had already agreed in November 2011 on the principle of this extension.

European commitment thus coincides with the withdrawal timetable for the ISAF/NATO operation. It is not excluded that this mission will be extended beyond in ways to be defined.

The supervision and training mission in place since June 2007 has 350 international agents (and 200 local agents) from 23 member states as well as Canada and Croatia. The head of mission is Swedish Police Commissioner Karl Åke Roghe. Its budget for the 2013-2014 period was set at 108 million euros for 19 months, the same amount as currently (details on the Club).

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Thomas LeBihan

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