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Exercise Joint Warrior 2013: let's go

Royal Navy 42 Commando during assault exercise (Credits: UK Ministry of Defence)

(BRUSSELS2) The first exercise Joint Warrior of the year (two per year) started on Monday March 15 in Scotland and will run until May 4. This operational exercise brings together 10 countries (United Kingdom, Netherlands, Canada, Denmark, Norway, Poland, Sweden, Germany and France) to improve the ability of the armed forces to operate together. In total, 12.000 people, 40 warships, 40 planes and 30 helicopters are taking part in this 10-day exercise.

A major exercise 

France has sent significant air resources, in particular from the French Navy: two maritime patrol planes Atlantic II, the air group (a Hawkeye, eight Modernized Super-StandardSeven Rafale Marine). These aircraft are deployed at the Royal Air Force bases of Lossiemouth and Leuchars in Scotland. Maritime resources are also deployed: the command and supply building Marne and his helicopter Alouette III and nuclear attack submarine.

The British deployed the Royal Navy 42 commando, Viking vehicles, the HMS Bulwark le HMS Illustrious, HMS Montrose, the surveillance vessel Hms echo and the submarine HMS Talent. Mine hunting vessels (HM Ships Brocklesby, Hurworth, Pembroke and Grimsby). On the air side, you will find: Chinooks helicopters from the RAF, Sea Kings 'Junglie' from the helicopter force, and Sea Kings from the coordination and control center in Culdrose (Cornwall).

Diverse and complex scenarios

During these two weeks, different scenarios will be put in place to follow an evolving crisis or conflict. The exercises will deal with threats such as piracy, maritime or submarine terrorist activities, but also the possibility of a more traditional conflict such as a territorial dispute (reminiscent of threats in the China Sea, for example).

This week, some British units (Commando 42, Chinooks and Viking vehicles among others) participated in an air and sea assault exercise on Barry Buddon beach. British, Dutch and German ships also sailed in formation to join the other units on Monday 15 April.

Thomas LeBihan

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