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EUPOL Afghanistan launches information campaign on fundamental rights

(Credits: EUPOL Afghanistan)

(BRUSSELS2) “ We have been waiting for a long time to develop legal assistance activities and EUPOL is welcome to help us achieve this goal” declared Mullah Salim F. of the Kuhlm district in reaction to EUPOL Afghanistan's announcement of the establishment of a campaign to make the population aware of their fundamental rights and improve access to assistance legal.

Appropriateness to local traditions

The Getting Access to Legal Aid campaign is a project launched by the Justice Department of Balkh Province (northern Afghanistan), in cooperation with the Independent Association of Afghan Lawyers (AIBA) and the EUPOL Afghanistan mission. . Set up specifically for a poorly educated public, it aims to be “ in line with local traditions » we explain to EUPOL Afghanistan. This program, supported by the German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ) and financed by the German Federal Foreign Office, will develop around videos, radio spots, and coloring and drawing books for children. It will first be implemented in districts which present “ the best possible conditions for an optimal implementation of this campaign ».

An information workshop for legal assistance

An ATLAS (Access To Legal Aid) workshop was held in Mazar-e-Sharif and showed an urgent need to inform non-urban populations of their rights and the possibility they have of accessing legal assistance. A EUPOL staff member explains “that the ATLAS platform was intended as the start of the campaign and is a first step”. This campaign should also extend to other neighboring provinces such as Samangan.

Thomas LeBihan

Student in "Public Affairs European Governance course" at Paris I. Intern at B2. Follows the news of the European Parliament.

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