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Sixth French soldier killed in Mali

(Credits: EMA / Army)

(BRUSSELS2) The human toll of Operation Serval in Mali has increased with the death of a 6th French soldier in « lfar north " from the country. The deceased soldier is Master Corporal Stéphane Duval, of the 1st Marine Infantry Parachute Regiment of Bayonne (1st RPIMa).

The facts took place near the Algerian border, « in the northeast of the country between Tin Zouaten and Boughessa » this Monday, April 29 in the afternoon during a “reconnaissance and search operation conducted by the special forces”. The VPS-type light vehicle has « jumped on an explosive device », according to the official version, which caused the death of the master corporal and injured « 2 more soldiers seriously”. These were evacuated to “the Tessalit air-transportable surgical antenna (ACA)” but whose vital prognoses are not engaged.

This loss is a reminder that despite the start of the withdrawal, heavy fighting continues in the north of the country where the aim of the special forces is to “seek out and destroy any terrorist groups that are still there ».


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