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5 people sentenced for organ trafficking in Kosovo

Court delivers verdict in Medicus case (credit: EULEX Kosovo)

(BRUSSELS2) The case of organ trafficking in Kosovo (Medicus affair) seems to be successful since a panel made up of 2 European judges and a local judge from the Pristina court sentenced five people this Monday (April 29) to sentences ranging from one to eight years of imprisonment, specifies a press release from Eulex, the European “rule of law” mission deployed in Kosovo.

Lutfi Dervishi and Arban Dervishi were convicted of organized crime and human trafficking and sentenced to 8 and 7 years in prison. Sokol Hadjini, Sulejman Dulla and Islam Bytyqi were sentenced for serious injury to sentences ranging from 1 to 3 years in prison. Two defendants, Driton Jilta and Ilir Rrecaj (a former senior health ministry official), were acquitted of charges of abuse of power and authority. But the special prosecutor of the EULEX mission (SPRK) who was investigating the case announced that he would appeal. The first acquitted, however, announced that he would plead guilty.

The culmination of a long investigation

Organ trafficking in Kosovo, which has not yet been sanctioned, was one of the “black” spots in the justice system of the very young state. Highlighted in December 2010 in a report for the Council of Europe written by the Swiss MP Dick Marty, he castigated the inaction of Europeans in the face of this trafficking and denounced the involvement of part of the political class Kosovar. A special European Task Force was set up in June 2011 to investigate these crimes as part of the EULEX mission.

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