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30 seriously injured Syrians repatriated to Germany

The Transall C160 which must transport other wounded (Credit: Luftwaffe)

(BRUSSELS2) An Airbus A310MRTT from the German Ministry of Defense returned to Germany on Monday (April 15) with wounded Syrians on board. The plane, equipped with Medevac (medical evacuation), transported injured people from various Jordanian hospitals to Germany so that they could receive the necessary treatment. The device was thus installed in Stuttgart, Hamburg, Cologne and Berlin in order to distribute patients between the different hospitals. Another C-160 is expected to make an additional flight from Cologne to Wittmund, to bring patients to Westerstede.

A gesture of humanity

  • For the German Minister of Foreign Affairs, Guido Westerwelle, it is a question of sending a “ signal of humanity ". " The civil war in Syria has already claimed far too many victims. By welcoming these very seriously injured Syrians, we wish to make a modest contribution to alleviating the appalling suffering of the Syrian people and to show that Germany stands by their side in the face of their distress. »

Thomas LeBihan

Student in "Public Affairs European Governance course" at Paris I. Intern at B2. Follows the news of the European Parliament.