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5 convictions in northern Kosovo

(BRUSSELS2) A panel of three (European) judges from the Mitrovica court, in northern Kosovo, sentenced 5 people to prison terms ranging from one to four.

Two of them were found guilty of “criminal association with the intention to commit murder” while the three others were sentenced for “distribution and sale” of drugs, according to the press release from Eulex (the State mission of European Union law). For these cases, the investigations were carried out by a local prosecutor but the files were presented to the court by one of the European prosecutors from the EULEX mission.

Despite all the difficulties, justice is still moving forward in northern Kosovo. According to our information, more than fifty court decisions had already been rendered for this province of Kosovo which partly escapes the jurisdiction of Pristina.

Thomas LeBihan

Student in "Public Affairs European Governance course" at Paris I. Intern at B2. Follows the news of the European Parliament.