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The Dutch KDC 10 discovers Bamako

unloading of goods in Bamako (credit: Dutch Ministry of Defence)

(B2) The Dutch KDC10 transport aircraft made its first flight to Bamako, as part of support for Operation Serval in Mali. The cabinet (government) had, until now, placed a reservation on the use of this aircraft to Bamako, authorizing a flight only to Chad, considering the situation in the Malian capital unsafe. This reservation has been lifted. The aircraft left Eindhoven air base on Thursday for France to pick up cargo before returning to Bamako. He returned during the night from Friday to Saturday, announced the Dutch defense.

A multifunctional aircraft

In June 1992, the Dutch Air Force purchased two DC-10s from the airline Martinair. They were converted to multifunctional transport and tanker aircraft and placed into service in mid-1995. The advantage of the KDC-10 (like its competitor the A330) is its adaptability and the possibility of transporting large quantities of goods or personnel over long distances. In freight configuration, it can transport a maximum of 65 tonnes. In a mixed passenger/freight configuration, it can transport 165 people and half a load of freight. In tanker configuration, it delivers 1750 liters of fuel per minute via a RARO system with an 8 meter long boom (boom) located at the rear of the aircraft which can be extended to a maximum length of 15 meters.

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