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The Russians liberate the Italians in the Gulf of Aden. Exercise…

Russian assault teams disembarked from a helicopter will liberate the SanMarco (Credit: NATO/Ocean Shield)

(BRUSSELS2) It's an anti-piracy exercise as we like them at NATO, to show that the organization has no borders and can encompass beyond its traditional allies. Thus an Italian boarding team from the flagship of Ocean Shield, the ITS SAN MARCO, engaged in an exercise comparing their performance with the assault forces of the SEVEROMORSK, Tuesday (February 26) in the Gulf of Aden.

two scenes

The exercise took place in two acts. First, the SAN MARCO plays the role of a hijacked ship and the Severomorsk assault team must free it. Second, the roles are reversed. The Severomorsk plays the role of a ship involved in illegal arms trafficking (any resemblance to a situation that could play out off Syria is of course excluded :-). And the SAN MARCO taking the role of the hunter, in search of evidence of illegal activities, sends a boarding party to inspect the ship...

An exercise planned within the framework of NATO Russia

This exercise is not unexpected. But it is placed in the context of anti-piracy cooperation approved by the Russia-NATO Council and which was planned during two consecutive meetings, at sea, of the naval forces. “A significant step in NATO-Russia interoperability in counter-piracy activities in the Indian Ocean,” the Alliance is told. " This is a step in the cooperation between Russia and NATO. And I'm sure, its effects will not be limited to anti-piracy activities but will offer prospects for other types of constructive engagement in the future. explained Rear Admiral Antonio Natale at the end of the exercise.

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