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Lady Ashton or the least loved by European citizens

(BRUSSELS2) 2/10. Here is the rating given to Catherine Ashton's work in a survey carried out by the communications agency Burson-Marsteller and the online media EurActiv – 1 being the worst and 10 being the best. It's little, very little. This is also the worst average rating given to the main European politicians. Only the President of the Commission, José-Manuel Barroso, is close behind with his 2,5/10. Generally speaking, it is the Commission as a whole which would be less and less well perceived by its citizens. Half of those questioned gave the Brussels executive a rating of 3/10. Honor to women, however, since only Commissioner Georgieva in charge of humanitarian aid and crisis management and Commissioner Kroes in charge of digital strategy are doing rather well – given the severity of the rating – with respectively 5,5/ 10 and 6/10…

A general trend

For Karel Lannoo, director of the Center for European Political Studies, a Brussels think tank, these poor scores are part of a more general trend. "Look in Europe, who does better (that Barroso) ? The only one still standing is Merkel. And these people have more power.he explains. But he must admit that the European institutions have a hard time getting their work known and appreciated. "It (Ashton) can only be held responsible to a certain extent. The problem is that the Member States have no will and that is what takes the criticism.Still according to Mr. Lannoo, the positive point of the survey is the fact that discussions on Europe are taking up more and more space in the public debate is, for him, proof that the dialogue is healthier.

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