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Eulex Kosovo Vs Fatmir Limaj. Round 2!

(Credit: gustaf alstromer)

(BRUSSELS2) Fatmir Limaj was once again arrested by the European rule of law mission EULEX Kosovo. This time, it is no longer for war crimes, but for organized crime and corruption offenses while he was still Minister of Transport and Telecommunications of the country. Limaj is not just anyone. He was one of the commanders of the KLA – the Kosovo Liberation Army – and one of the founders of the Democratic Party of Kosovo (PDK), the party of Prime Minister Hashim Thaci. Specifically, the man was arrested with 6 other people, charged with: manipulation of tenders, acceptance and distribution of bribes and obstruction of justice in relation to three tender cases offers within his former Ministry for personal purposes. Cost of the operation: around 2 million euros, according to Eulex. The facts date back to the period 2008-2010, although they allegedly continued to receive bribes until 2012. Note that Fatmir Limaj is also personally accused of not having declared the money received during his 2007 municipal campaign, as well as other unspecified criminal charges.

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(*) Florim Lima, Demir Lima, Endrit Shala, Nexhat Krasniqi, Florim Zuka and Gani Zogaj

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