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The EU lays down 4 conditions in Mali for its aid

(BRUSSELS2) The Council of Foreign Ministers, meeting on Monday (19 November) in Brussels formally declared its financial and logistical support for a peace-making operation in northern Mali, and “ its commitment to support Mali and ECOWAS in response to their respective requests”. But the 27 also insisted on setting several preconditions.

First, the Malian government will have to present a roadmap to the EU for the restoration of the rule of law and above all the resumption of civilian control over the army. Key document for the EU but which the Malian government is slow to draft. " Actions in the field of security must support political objectives and complement the Malian political process” specify the 27. The resumption of European cooperation with Mali will take place, in a conditioned manner “ as soon as a credible roadmap is adopted and gradual — “ according to the progress of this one ».

Second, the Council requires that " elections are organized as soon as possible ". The Union is also ready to provide financial support to them and to send an electoral observation mission as soon as the electoral calendar is fixed.

Thirdly, the EU asks the Malian government to “put in place as soon as possible” a national dialogue framework. open " with all the forces of the country, and in particular with the " armed, non-terrorist groups which recognize the integrity of Malian territory » (NB: this therefore targets the Tuareg Ansar Dine and MNLA movements but not those of Aqmi and Mujao).

Finally, the EU asks the authorities “to shed light on all the abuses committed since the start of the crisis, in the north and south of the country, in particular on the events that occurred in Diabali on September 8 and October 24” last.

It is up to the Commission to find additional appropriations

For the “27”, the important point is the African character of the mission, “ appropriation » by the Africans of the operation. They thus approved the planning work of the African Union and the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) and affirmed their support which will be financed in a “ adequate by the European Union. The Commission is charged by the Ministers with provide for the mobilization of the necessary financial resources from the African Peace Facility”. A facility is indeed experiencing difficult days (Read: The EU will continue to support the efforts of AMISOM. But not alone)

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