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The TOPFAS system at the heart of Multilayer 2012

(BRUSSELS2) The European Union exercise called Multilayer 2012 gave the various players the opportunity to acclimatize to European procedures and assimilate good habits. Certainly, but it also made it possible to test new methods of coordination. Firstly, the TOPFAS computer system. This new tool is an online database included within a secure computer system. 10 years old (all the same) and provided “free” by NATO to all its members, the database ensures a synchronized exchange of information between the military operational center, the strategic military command center, DG ECHO , the CPCC…etc. Almost all players can make all the information available to their partners in a cataloged manner and, above all, in real time. In the particular case of ML12, to take an example, the refugee camp set up in the scenario turned out to be too close to the border of the country in crisis and it served as a rear line for the soldiers. DG ECHO therefore intervenes in coordination with both military authorities and international organizations (the ICRC or the UNHCR) in order to provide the necessary funds to move the camp. “We learned a lot (during the exercise) about what goes on behind civil planning and whyconfided to us a military official. Another example, cases of human trafficking were also emerging as part of the exercise. "Clearly it's a police warrant, but the military must secure the area first. The sharing of information makes it possible to structure the action as a wholeexplains William de Meyer, a French police officer appointed responsible for the civilian aspect of the "mission".

Nicolas Gros Verheyde

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