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(BRUSSELS2) It’s an old debate! Questioned during his visit to the headquarters in Ulm – as part of the ML 12 exercise, Hansjörg Haber, the commander of the European Union Civilian Missions (CPCC) expressed the wish to see the headquarters of the military command of Ulm (*) and the Brussels civil operations “headquarters” form a single complex, based in Brussels. Of course, Mr. Haber recognizes the potential of the new means of communication made available to the EU's external action (video-conferencing, etc.), but " It's still not the same thing as being in the same room ».

At present, there is no permanent link in Ulm between the CPCC and the military command. If necessary, the representatives of European civil action should therefore travel to Potsdam. However, the current arrangement does not seem to pose the slightest problem to the military. "Our organization in Potsdam is good. When someone from outside comes to work with us, it just takes a few weeks for everything to run at maximum efficiency.says one of the soldiers from the command center.

Technical or political question?

The “Weimar +” (France, Germany, Poland + Italy, Spain) had recognized the interest of an operational headquarters allowing symmetrical coordination between military and civilians. However, the debate is blocked in the Council (NB: due to the United Kingdom's veto). It is a political decision between member states. “ It is difficult to say what this will lead to. (…) I am sure that the controversy will arise again confided Mr. Haber.

(*) Editor's note (NGV): The Potsdam OHQ is one of the five OHQs recognized and approved by the EU to enable the conduct of operations, to which is added NATO's SHAPE (which involves relying on NATO structures, a device which was only used for the EUFOR Althea operation).

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