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The Belgian defense is recruiting like never before

returned to the Military Academy (credit: Belgian Ministry of Defence)

(BRUSSELS2) “We are looking for young people who do not shy away from physical effort, who love adventure and who are ready to accept measured risks.". It is in these terms that the Belgian Minister of Defense, Pieter de Crem, recently presented the recruitment campaign which will open for 2013.

1830 positions offered

In all, 1.700 soldiers and 130 civilians who are wanted to occupy positions ranging from the Paracommando to the cooking sailor, through the air traffic controller or the ambulance driver, 175 officer positions (70 French-speaking and 105 Dutch-speaking), 515 under -officers (206 F & 309 N), 855 soldiers and sailors (345 F & 510 N) and 155 soldiers through Voluntary Military Engagement are to be filled within the four army corps. "The range of open functions is very wide, but they all have one thing in common: their operational character.can we read in the press release of the Ministry. Finally, there are 75 opportunities for reserve officers or non-commissioned officers in the fields of translation, medicine, sociology or even prevention and with military training of 6 to 8 weeks to be spread over a year. The aim is to make civilian know-how and skills available to Defence.

Noted that with regard to the 155 Military Voluntary Engagements (EVMI), first come will be first served since no diploma or particular competition is required. For these young peoplewho want a short-term military experience” (from 24 to 48 months), to use the words of the Ministry, 5 officers, 10 non-commissioned officers and 140 soldiers and sailors will be hired. As for civilians, their recruitment will be done via the Federal Administration Selection Office (SELOR). Some of the positions are open to all European Union nationals.

Where ?

Geographically, the offers are rather heterogeneous. No open position on Brussels however, since there is only the Headquarters of the army and the Military School. In Walloon Brabant, 21 places are to be filled for Beauchevain in logistics, engineer, safety and driver. 5 ambulance or logistics places are also open in Nivelles. As for Flemish Brabant, the army is looking for 21 volunteer specialists in transmission in Peutie, 50 future infantry soldiers in Heverlee or even 35 volunteers in mechanical electricity, logistics or with a technical profile at the air base in Melsbroek.

Some interesting percentages

This year, 1.200 positions were up for grabs. 1.045 vacancies have already been filled as recruitment continues until the end of the year. A good recruiter for the country since 8.000 young people came to apply for a job, of which just over 250 came from another EU country. Interesting ! What is perhaps less so is that only 10% of these applicants were women. And with a glaring disparity: 18% among officers and 13% for non-commissioned officers against only 7% for soldiers and sailors applicants.

We rejuvenate the forces

It must be said that alongside recruitment days, the Belgian Ministry of Defense maintains its objective of reducing the strength of its armies to 30.000 soldiers and 2.000 civilians by 2015. We are seeking to rejuvenate the Belgian force in the face of grandpa boom – always on a voluntary basis – while limiting expenses. Budget shortage requires. This being said, no additional barrack closures should be planned for 2013.

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