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Multilayer 2012: the absolute global approach (Markus Bentler)

(BRUSSELS2 to Potsdam) Considering the many challenges this represented, German General Markus Bentler, Commander-in-Chief of Operations, said he was particularly satisfied with the progress of the Multilayer 2012 exercise.For the first time, we have, in an exercise, the commitment of all civilian and military actors within a training on three levels: the political authorities in Brussels, our operations headquarters here in Potsdam and our colleagues Italians from the secondary headquarters in Brindisi. It is also the first time that we have interacted with the civilian part of the mission. So to speak, the absolute holistic approach! »

Use the same data updated in real time

For a first, the work that was carried out kept its promises. " Let me tell you that we learned a lot from each other, we had a wonderful experience, optimized our procedures and developed many new ideas."Before adding" Having all worked together in this process is, in itself, a vector of transparency. Use the same databases, updated at the same time in Brussels, Potsdam and Brindisi ».

Ua multinational team

Although the strategic military part took place in Germany and with a team with a large German majority too, the General insisted on the multinational approach of the headquarters. 16 nations worked together, in English, in Potsdam. A total of 204 soldiers with 54 posts assigned to officers from other Member States (12 Austrians, 9 Italians, 7 Poles, 5 French, 4 Czechs, 3 Finns and 3 Dutch, 2 Greeks, 2 Irish, 2 Swedes as well as a representative of Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Hungary and Portugal).

European crisis management works

«Multilayer 2012 represents a new impetus for future developments of the Common Security and Defense Policy.The agreements provide for an exercise every year, but a “big one” every two years. No information has been provided for the moment on the location of the 2013 financial year. But what matters for the moment in the mouth of Markus Bentler is that "we have demonstrated that European crisis management works ».

(credit: Ulm Crisis Management Operations Command)

• Mr. Bentler's career began in 1972 in the German infantry as an officer candidate. From 1989 to 1992, he was sent to the Berlin Embassy in Washington as a military attaché. On his return he was appointed Commander of the mechanized infantry battalion until 1994. From December 2002 until July 2003, he left for the first time within KFOR, the peace force in Kosovo, and was assigned to headquarters in Prizren as Commander of the Southwest Alpine Fighter Brigade.

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