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Green light from the UN to the concept of a military operation in Mali (update)

(BRUSSELS2) Facing the threat of terrorists and Islamist militants for regional peace and restoring the unity of Mali are the two objectives of the resolution adopted unanimously by the UN Security Council in New York, today (October 12). The Council thus authorized, under Chapter VII (with use of force) an international military force to intervene to “ help the Armed Forces of Mali to recover the occupied regions in the north of Mali ". More precisely, it is the preparations for this operation which are authorized. Secretary General Ban Ki Moon is thus requested to provide military and planners to ECOWAS (the Economic Community of West African States) to help formulate a response “ at the request of the authorities of the transition of Mali ". This within 45 days. The European Union and the African Union are therefore requested to “ to lend, as soon as possible and in a coordinated manner, to the Malian armed forces and security forces their assistance and their know-how, as well as their support in terms of training and capacity building ».

Sanctions and negotiation

The Council also called on Malian rebel groups to cut all ties with terrorist organizations, including Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) and affiliated groups. Targeted sanctions against groups that refuse this decision may be initiated. It also " urged " the Malian authorities of the transition, the rebels and other legitimate representatives of the local population of northern Mali to "engage, as soon as possible, in credible negotiations » to “find a lasting political solution in accordance with the unity of the country, and demanded that all groups “ stop all human rights violations such as attacks against civilians, sexual violence, recruitment of child soldiers and forced displacement ».

500.000 displaced

The UN recalls that the instability and insecurity resulting from renewed clashes, as well as the proliferation of armed groups in the region, such as drought and political instability resulting from the military coup in March, have resulted in 500.000 Malians to flee their homes, with 270.000 of them taking refuge in neighboring countries. NB: A rather silent catastrophe about which we talk relatively little, compared to other regions of the world experiencing an identical phenomenon (Syria for example).

The text of the Mali Resolution


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