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Eucap Nestor … the decision adopted by the end of July?

(BRUSSELS2) After making the Europeans wonder a little, Kenya finally sent its official letter of invitation to the European Union for the maritime capacity building mission (Eucap Nestor). This will now allow the decision-making process to be unblocked. The decision launching the mission could thus be adopted at the Council of Foreign Ministers on July 23. And the appointment of the head of mission (Admiral de Launay) would be made immediately. Only Tanzania, in fact, among the five countries concerned, did not send its own letter of invitation; this country should therefore be integrated later. As for the concept of operation (CONOPS), it will be revised accordingly to include only 4 countries initially, 5 in the long term (with Zanzibar and Dar es Salaam).

Regarding on-site deployment, it does not appear possible immediately. European financial rules do not allow this. Another, quicker option would be possible with the deployment on site of a small team of 3 – 4 people around the head of mission. Option desired and worked within the European diplomatic service. But this assumes that Member States advance the costs for each of the personnel sent, with regularization and reimbursement upon official implementation. Come on ladies and gentlemen, a little gesture...



Nicolas Gros Verheyde

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