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Delivery of Russian helicopters to Syria blocked in the North of Scotland

The MV Alaed is part of the fleet of the Russian shipowner FEMCO (Credit: FEMCO)

(B2) The United States, which last week accused the Russians of supplying the Syrian regime with arms, last week asked the British to stop a Russian boat (the MV Alaed) while sailing in the North Sea, 50km northeast of the coast of Scotland, as revealed by the Sunday Telegraph this week-end. Heading south, this Russian boat is believed to be carrying Mi25 helicopters bound for Syria, according to US intelligence. However, the MV Alaed sails under British insurance. The British government has therefore informed the insurance company Standard Club that insuring such a convoy goes against the sanctions decided by the EU against Syria, since they not only prohibit the export of arms to the country but also the supply of “services” linked to export. The insurer then immediately terminated the insurance contract. The boat, now uninsured, was seen last night (June 18) off the coast of Scotland.

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