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Barroso confirms the launch of the mission in Niger at the end of July

Jose Manuel Barroso and Brigi Rafini, June 7, 2012 (© European Union, 2012)

(BRUSSELS2) On the occasion of the visit of the Prime Minister of Niger to Brussels, the President of the European Commission, J.-M. Barroso, announced (confirmed for our readers...) the launch of a PSDC mission in Niger : She "should start its activities from the end of July 2012". He recalled that this civilian mission has a double objective: “ support for internal security forces " and " Right wing state ».

All of the Sahel concerned

If the mission will be deployed in Niger and will focus on this country, Mr Barroso recalls that it is Niger but also the entire Sahel region which “ are threatened by instability, particularly because of the situation in Mali ". This situation " we are very concernedhe declares. " We do not want to see the development of insecurity and the risks of terrorist violence which threaten Africa but also the European Union which neighbors Africa and this part of Africa in particular. ". The EU therefore “ a particular duty to help Niger, as well as other countries in the area, to contain the risks of destabilization, to support the most vulnerable countries, like Niger, and to support regional mediation and crisis exit processes in Mali ».

Support for internal security forces

In addition to this mission, the president also mentions "several projects with a security dimension in the justice sector with support for the Internal Security Forceswhich the Commission finances.

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