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Two KFOR soldiers and three Serbs injured in Kosovo

A German armored vehicle in the vanguard of the bridge (credit: Tanjug)

(B2) Two soldiers German of the NATO force in Kosovo (KFOR) as well as at least three Kosovar Serbs were injured this morning, in a clash between a KFOR unit and a Serbian gathering in the north of the country, inhabited mainly by Serbians. The latter had set up a barricade on the road, in the vicinity of Rudare, north of Mitrovica, which KFOR attempted to dismantle. It was on this occasion that the clashes broke out. The NATO soldiers were targeted by stone throwing and tried to disperse the crowd by throwing tear gas canisters and shooting rubber bullets. One of the injured soldiers was evacuated. He is " in stable condition ”, according to NATO HQ.

This incident is part of a Serbian anti-independence campaign in Kosovo, which has installed several barricades in the region in recent months. “ KFOR will not allow the situation to escalate and will use a proportionate level of force necessary to maintain a secure environment » affirmed the NATO spokesperson in Kosovo. As for the EU, it shows itself  « very concernedby these events and calls for calm, while remaining in contact with NATO partners according to Catherine Ashton's spokesperson. " For the moment, things are still happening on the ground” she said, recalling in passing that “Freedom of movement is one of the basic principles of the EU ».

By midday, the barricade was almost completely dismantled, with KFOR soldiers having deployed a barbed wire fence on a bridge to block access to Serbian demonstrators.

Watch a video from Serbian TV here.

(Updated: 13 p.m., 18 p.m.)

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