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Germany must no longer be afraid to deploy its forces, says Ph Hammond (UK)

After his meeting with German authorities, Philip Hammond visits British troops based in Germany, the 'desert rats' of the 7th Armored Brigade. (UK MoD)

(BRUSSELS2) British Defense Minister Philip Hammond took advantage of a visit to Berlin on May 2 to ask the Germans to become more involved in European defense. According to Philip Hammond, the American strategic reorientation towards the Pacific forces the Europeans to take care of their own “backyard”. It is moreover “ in the interest of Europeans ". Recognizing that it is useless to call for an increase in the defense budget in times of budgetary austerity, he instead calls on the Germans for greater efficiency, and more precisely for greater projection abroad. “The problem is not the budget but transforming the forces that (Germany) is already paying for into a more deployable, more available force ". It is in NATO that he sees the future of German defense: “there is still enormous potential in German military structures to deliver a more available strike force for the Alliance ". The Minister of Defense therefore calls on Germany to “ shoulder the burden that comes with being a major global economy ».

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