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Battlegroup Weimar in training

(BRUSSELS2) Serious things are starting for the French, Poles and Germans who will take the “battlegroup” on call, the rapid reaction force of the European Union, on January 1, for six months. The training program was communicated to their counterparts.

It is the Poles who will provide the bulk of the force and the force headquarters (FHQ). While the headquarters of the operation will be located in Mont-Valérien (France, near Paris). The certification exercise of Polish forces will take place during the “Wyzwanie 12” exercise. FHQ certification will take place during the “Common Challenge” exercise in Wedrzyn (Poland). Field training will take place in September 2012 in Bergen (Germany). And the logistics exercise (October 8 to 12) Garlstedt, Germany). Certain shortcomings were noted in terms of water purification, transport and storage of water containers, or strategic transport.

We can note that it is the Franco-Belgian-Luxembourgish battlegroup which is on call this semester. Two groups take over on July 1 for the 2nd semester: one led by Italy (with the Slovenes and Hungarians), the other by Germany (with the Austrians, Czechs, Irish, Croats and Macedonians). The “Weimar” will be alone in the first half of 1. Just like the Nordic group led by the British in the second half.

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