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The EEAS adjusts its politico-military organization

(BRUSSELS2) A new organization chart is being drawn up at the European diplomatic service (EEAS). Or more precisely a development that will concern security and defense structures. Thus the units in charge of security and conflict prevention (currently under the direction of Me Damanaki) could be made available to Maciej Popowski, the Deputy Secretary General of the EEAS, who monitors all security policies. This will thus allow better synergy with the other elements of the European security and defense policy: EU General Staff (military) and OpsCenter, CMPD (planning) and CPCC (command of civilian missions *).

The SitCen (situation center) was broken up. The watch and standby structure - the EU Situation Room - is now placed under the direct responsibility of the Director of the "Crisis Response" Department, Agostino Miozzo. The rest of the service was renamed IntCen - Intelligence Analysis Center - and refocused, as its name suggests, on intelligence and situation analysis (often from open or semi-open sources). It remains managed by the Finn Ilkka Salmi.

Everything should be accompanied - according to some of General de Kermabon's conclusions - by a reordering of these structures with a refinement of functions, in particular between the CMPD - which will refocus on planning (in the medium or long term , so-called strategic planning) of military or civilian missions, its primary role - and the CPCC - the Union Civil Operations Command, which will be more responsible for the planning (short-term, operational), conduct and management of civilian missions .

Comment: This is not a general overhaul. After two years of European diplomatic service, a more significant reorganization would have been logical, to allow the establishment of a large "peacekeeping and crisis management" department bringing together both civilians and military, planning and operations , prevention and management of conflicts... a European DPKO ** in a way. Maybe that will be for later. But it will be necessary, for a while, to put aside personal or state interests, and create this new structure which would thus give visibility and clarity to the common European security and defense policy (CSDP) which is suffering from a number of acronyms as abstruse as they are inappropriate.

*CMPD= Crisis Management and Planning Directorate; CPCC = Civilian Planning and Conduct Capability

** United Nations Department of Peacekeeping Operations

Download a recent organization chart of the European Diplomatic Service (EEAS): B2 Docs

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