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The Trajectory of the Cursed Ship

(BRUXELLES2) Here is as reconstructed by the Center for Architectural Research, Goldsmiths, the ship's journey (for a report to be published? in April) 2012, and mentioned by Tineke Strik in her report

  • On March 27, 2011, between 00:00 and 02:00 GMT, the migrant boat left the port of Tripoli with 72 people a? edge.
  • (A) After heading towards Lampedusa for fifteen a? 16 p.m., the migrants send a distress signal by satellite telephone. Is the boat located? by GPS has? 52:27 p.m. GMT on March 2011, 33 a? the position LAT 58.2 12 N – LON 55.8 XNUMX E by the satellite telephone operator Thuraya. Shortly after this signal, the Italian coastguards launched an Improved Group Appeal? (AGA) signaling the boat in distress and broadcasting its geographical coordinates.
  • (B) The boat sails for about two hours before being overflown? by a helicopter. After this meeting, the satellite phone is thrown away. at? the water. The last signal detected? by the satellite operator is LAT 34 07.11 N – LON 12 53.24 E a? 19:08 p.m. GMT on March 27, 2011. This position therefore probably corresponds to? that of the encounter with the helicopter. The boat remains approximately in the same area for four years. six hours before being visited by a military helicopter, which sends him water and biscuits before leaving. Without moving too much from their position corresponding to the last signal sent, the migrants pass several fishing boats, which do not help them. They then decide to continue their route between 00:00 and 01:00 GMT and probably continue in a N-NO direction towards Lampedusa for five years. eight o'clock, a? an estimated speed of 4,43 knots (the average speed maintained while sailing from Tripoli to point A).
  • (C) The boat runs out of gas and starts a? drift within 8 nautical miles (indicated by white shadow) of position 34 24.792 N – 12 48.576 E a? around 07:00 GMT on March 28.
  • (D) The boat drifts (the estimated drift of the boat was more strongly dominated by the south-easterly winds) and, between April 3 and 5, the migrants pass a building soldier who does not help them at all.
  • On April 10, 2011, the boat docked at? new to? Zlitan. At the time of the landing, 11 migrants are still alive. Two will die shortly after.

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