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EU signs PeSDC framework agreement with New Zealand

(B2) The European Union signed on Wednesday (18 April) a framework cooperation agreement with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of New Zealand, Murray McCully, on peace missions carried out within the framework of the European security and defense policy common. The country already contributes to missions to Operation EUFOR Althéa in Bosnia and EUPOL in Afghanistan. This text sets the rules of responsibility, command and discipline. And it should facilitate the possible participation of New Zealand “to the full range of operations and missions carried out by the EU” as explained by Catherine Ashton, the High Representative. These include “reduce unnecessary delays” when the country is invited (and agrees) to contribute to European missions. It is part of a policy defined two years ago to conclude agreements with several countries in the Balkans, Oceania, Asia and South America.

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One thought on “EU signs PeSDC framework agreement with New Zealand"

  • John Dujardin

    Another mark of the headlong rush of a European Union which refuses to become a sovereign political union, and which behaves like a UN bis! This shows all the strategic ambition of this political class which has stolen all the democratic levers to monopolize a power that it is incapable of exercising and assuming!
    European citizens are no longer fooled by this deliberate will of its current leaders to seek to "shrink" their Europe strategically, even as it deliberately places it under the triple supervision of the most deregulated financial markets, international financial institutions who have however shown their incompetence for 30 years and of the United States which seeks to maintain at all costs, and with more and more difficulties, their hegemony on the affairs of the world!
    It is high time to reopen the constitutional project to turn this catastrophic page of European construction!

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