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The European Security Assistance Mission in Libya. You have to go fast (Ana Gomes)

a checkpoint in Libya during the visit of the European Parliament delegation (credit: PE / Arnaud Danjean)

(BRUSSELS2 in Strasbourg) Ana Gomes, who participated in the visit of the “Five” to Libya, whom I met in the corridors of the European Parliament, agrees with Arnaud Danjean on the need to help “ very quickly » the Libyans to restructure their security force (read: Back from Libya, MEPs call on Europe to speed up the movement. A DDR/SSR mission?).

The militias, a security factor

There are plans to have a police force of 25.000 men and an army of 25.000 men as well. " vs'is good ". But that will take time. We must act now » she explains. As for suppressing the militias, it is simply not possible. “ Armed militias are today the only factor of security. This may appear paradoxical. But that's the reality. At the same time, these same militias can also be sources of insecurity, quite simply because they themselves are insecure about their future; they are not all paid. etc »

Libyans claimants

For the socialist Portuguese MEP, it is therefore more than urgent to help the Libyans build their own security force. “ They need us. It's not like the Egyptians, the Libyans are asking us. We cannot have missions that go into the field and then return. I have just explained it to Pierre Vimont (Nb: the head of the European diplomatic service). You have to have people on site. Specialists who, in each administration – wherever the Libyans want it – constitute “task forces” to structure these security forces and train the men. It must be done quickly. » Catherine Ashton, the High Representative, must take a strong initiative on the subject, and quickly.

No to the closure of the Benghazi office

The MEP finally underlines how it would be a “ foolishness to close the technical liaison office in Benghazi. » The man who runs it has acquired real expertise. “ He made ties, knows everyone in this new Libya.

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