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Mother ship freed, two sailors — an Iranian and a Pakistani — killed

(BRUSSELS2) For several days, placed under observation near the Somali coast, the Danish frigate Absalon – aided by maritime patrol planes – had spotted this dhow, used as a mother ship by pirates. On Sunday evening, the dhow tried to take advantage of the darkness to leave the coast and reach the open sea. It was chased and intercepted by the Danish ship before it escaped too far on Monday (February 27) . The warning shots were not enough to stop the pirate dhow. The soldiers therefore had to use light weapons fire, specifies the naval headquarters of the Danish forces and NATO in a press release. The boat then stopped, and the pirates threw their weapons overboard. After a visit by the Absalon boarding team, the 17 suspected pirates were arrested while the 18 Iranian and Pakistani sailors held hostage were released.

But during the assault, two of these sailors – an Iranian, a Pakistani – were, in fact, mortally wounded. And, despite the care of the Absalon's on-board doctor, they died. A military inspection investigation is underway, it is specified in Copenhagen, to determine exactly the facts. As for the suspected pirates, their fate must now be determined by the Danish public prosecutor's office.

Nicolas Gros Verheyde

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