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The Eulex mission in Kosovo will be reviewed

(credit: Eulex Kosovo)

(BRUSSELS2) The ambassadors of the COPS – the political and security committee – should soon look into revising the format of the “Rule of law” mission (Eulex) in Kosovo. This reformatting is part of a general program to review the various PeSDC missions of the European Union (the mission in Bosnia has already been reconfigured). But given the importance of the mission in Kosovo, this exercise may not be cosmetic. According to the first elements which have reached us, the objective would be to significantly reduce the workforce. The mission today has nearly 3000 people. This figure could be halved. Several arguments militate in favor of such a reduction: the fiscal constraints weighing on Member States; the availability of competent men and women; the needs in Kosovo which are no longer the same; the need for appropriation by the Kosovo authorities of certain functions.

Even certain tasks of the mission could be reviewed. Eulex focusing on certain particularly important tasks such as organized crime, the fight against corruption... It may also no longer be necessary to have a European police presence throughout the country. The Europeans could thus concentrate on northern Kosovo.

It is not yet certain whether this modification will require a complete revision of the Eulex decision; this could be modified at a minimum. This option would have the advantage of being able to ramp up quickly if necessary. On the other hand, the mission programming instruments (Concept, operation plan, etc.) could be revised more completely.

All these elements will begin to be debated, by the end of the month, by the ambassadors of the Political and Security Committee. But a final decision is not expected before spring according to information communicated to B2. The objective is to have reviewed the format of the mission before its next renewal. All in a delicate context for the region, with the elections in Serbia (scheduled for March).

Funding of IPUs

In the shorter term, the 27 could consider implementing a solution to alleviate le departure of the various integrated police units (IPU). This involves being able to have certain costs of deploying these Units covered by the community budget. We know that the French have already left, the Romanians are leaving and the Italians will do so soon. There would thus only be one Polish unit left on the ground. The objective is therefore to allow States which wish to make forces available not to have to bear the entire financing. An overall logical situation: EU civilian missions (this is the case for Eulex) normally come under the community budget.

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  • Journalists are often in the habit of palliating… but palliating is transitive, we palliate something and not something. We do not say “In the shorter term, the 27 could consider setting up a solution to COMPLETE FROM the various integrated police units (IPU). It is a question of being able to have certain deployment costs of these Units covered by the Community budget”, but “In the shorter term, the 27 could consider setting up a solution to COMPLETE THE departure of the various integrated police units (IPU). The aim is to be able to have certain deployment costs for these Units covered by the Community budget”.
    And as the audience of journalists is important, by dint of massacring the French language, they create new erroneous uses.
    Also thank you for participating in the defense of the French language threatened by popular speech, the patois of the suburbs, the verlan, the SMS, the jargon of the enarques, English… and other “volapük”.

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