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Suspicious dhows escorted back to Somali coast

(BRUSSELS2) Several motherships were spotted by multinational forces deployed off the coast of Somalia and have since been tracked. One of the Jelbut type operates off central Somalia, about 100 miles away. Another with an orange-brown hull and light blue stripes operates off the coast of Oman. And a third, of the Yemenite dhow type, in the Arabian Sea. To ensure that they could not operate, the coalition ships resolved to opt for a resolutely preventive approach, and to take action even before any attempted attack, as soon as they spotted a suspicious vessel. .

Under escort to the coasts

The USS De Wert, an American ship from NATO operation Ocean Shield, intervened on Saturday (December 10) on a suspicious dhow, forcing it to return to Somalia. The American ship is on a resupply mission when it receives information about the presence in the area of ​​a suspicious dhow which appears to be preparing for an attack. Scheduled for the early hours of the morning, the collision however failed. The rough seas prevent this operation from being carried out.safely“. For lack of anything better, the USS de Wert continued to follow, very closely, the ship " forcing him to turn back towards the Somali coast, where he can be contained and prevented from going on patrol at sea again” we specify at NATO anti-piracy HQ. “This disruption costs hackers valuable time and deprives them of successful deployment of an action group. » « Although the suspected hackers were not arrested at this time, this result can nevertheless be called a success » commented Rear Admiral Sinan Azmi TOSUN, NATO Force Commander

Nb: The NATO force is made up of 6 ships: The Turkish TCG GIRESUN (which is the flagship), the Danish HDMS ABSALON (old hand in the fight against piracy), the Italian ITS GRECALE, the British RFA FORT VICTORIA and two American ships the USS DEWERT and the USS CARNEY.

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