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A framework agreement soon to be signed with Bosnia and Herzegovina

Relief of Bosnian soldiers in Iraq, June 2005 (Ministry of Defense of Bosnia and Herzegovina)

(BRUSSELS2, exclusive) Bosnia and Herzegovina should be the next country to sign a framework agreement for the participation of Bosnian soldiers and experts in EU civilian or military missions (peacekeeping, state building... ). The text finalized within the working groups must soon be approved by the 27.

It will allow one of the last states to emerge from the former Yugoslavia to be able to lend a hand to the European military. The EU has already signed such an agreement with Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro. But it is to my knowledge the first time that a State which benefits from a European stabilization mission (Althea) deployed on its territory, becomes at the same time a contributor to European missions.

This agreement has the advantage of not having to define on a case-by-case basis for each transaction concerned”the conditions for a country's possible participation in crisis management operations led by the European Union. In substance, the text reproduces the essentials of the identical agreements signed with other countries: Decisions relating to participation, Staff and force status, waiver of liability claims and compensation procedures in the event of victims, classified information , chain of command, rights and obligations, financial support and contribution to the operational budget, discipline, dispute resolution ...

So " All personnel remain fully under the command of their national authorities”. But these " transfer operational control (Opcon - and tactics in military operations) to the European Union. » It is the head of mission who « is responsible for and exercises command and control of the EU civilian crisis management operation in the theater or the EU Operation Commander (in the case of a military operation). "Bosnia and Herzegovina has the same rights and obligations in terms of day-to-day management of the operation as the European Union member states participating in it." She " assumes all costs related to its participation in the operation, with the exception of operating costs, as provided for in the operational budget of the operation. in a civilian mission, with the exception of costs covered by the Athena mechanism in military missions. She " contributes to the financing of the operation » according to a distribution key set either according to the GNI, or to the ratio of the workforce participating in the operation

It should be noted that this agreement was drafted in the three languages ​​spoken in Bosnia and Herzegovina (Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian) and in English. But in the event of a dispute, it is the English version of the agreement which " Prime ».

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Nicolas Gros Verheyde

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    Frequently made mistake:
    – Bosnian: Bosnian Muslim,
    – Bosnian: Citizen of the BiH Federation bringing together Bosnians and Croats.

    Please correct in your next papers.

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      the text speaks good Bosnian language

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