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The UN should be able to count on Europe

Operational commitments conference (© NGV / B2)

(BRUSSELS2 in Paris) For Alain Le Roy, former head of peacekeeping missions for the UN, the United Nations should be able to count more on the European Union, particularly when it comes to strengthening peacekeeping forces. Peace. The intervention in Ivory Coast showed this. “ This is faultless for France but also for the credibility of the peacekeeping forces. » In this case, " France was not far away. But it cannot be everywhere. France should plan a European reinforcement force, a battlegroup or other, to support UN peacekeeping operations. »And to add his concern about certain parts of the globe, particularly in Africa. “ We currently have very sensitive elections in the Congo (NB: legislative and presidential on November 28). If ever there is a hard blow, I would have liked to be able to count on a European battlegroup. France would benefit from pooling European efforts in this direction. » 

To tell the truth, this proposal did not meet with much enthusiasm around the table. The French Minister of Defense Gérard Longuet certainly showed himself “ fully committed to supporting all EU initiatives. “But he immediately added a serious caveat (*):” Mutual trust is needed in combat. And I can't find it right now. »

Nb: Shortly before, he had estimated: “There is no operational commitment without unity of command, without a clear definition of the mission. What's disappointing is when we carry the burden alone and that we have partners who complicate our lives. »
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