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The budget of the Eupol Afghanistan mission sacrificed on the budgetary altar (Maj)

(credit: Eupol Afghanistan)

(BRUSSELS2) Council, Parliament and Commission meet again, Wednesday in trilogue, to try to reach an agreement on the 2012 budget. During the last discussion in the European Parliament, the Budgets Committee decided to slash the policy budget foreign and security to restore the financing of certain budget lines for Palestine, maritime surveillance in the Mediterranean, the management of refugee flows, development aid which had suffered during the Commission's first proposal (1) or in the discussion between Member States.

MEPs thus agreed to approve an increase of 100 million euros in aid for Palestine and 27 million for the development cooperation instrument for Asia and Latin America. They also added 3 million euros for election observation missions and 3 million euros for the Turkish Cypriot Community, as well as 8 million for crisis response and preparation. To finance these increases, MEPs cut other lines, notably the EU police mission in Afghanistan which received exceptional treatment (see details below) as well as the information and communication budget in the countries third party.

But in total they increased the budget line dedicated to external relations (EU as global partner) by 55 million euros compared to the Commission's proposal and by almost 259 million euros (in commitment appropriations ) in relation to the Council's position. An amount 208 million euros higher than the budgetary limits, for which the mobilization of the flexibility instrument will be necessary.

(Update) The cuts recommended by the European Parliament

  • Eupol of Afghanistan: -18 million euros, i.e. a budget limited to 35 million euros in commitment appropriations (compared to 53 million in the proposal) and 27 million euros in payment appropriations (compared to 45 million in the proposal). proposal).
  • Reconstruction of Afghanistan: – 1 million (commitments). But the payment credits remain unchanged.
  • CFSP emergency measures: -15 million on a budget of 35 million euros (commitment) or 30 million euros (payments)
  • CFSP preparatory actions: -2,6 million (commitments)
  • Information and communication in third countries: – 4 million (out of a budget of 10 million planned by the Council)
  • Cooperation with industrialized countries: -1 million (commitments) or 1,5 million (payments)
  • IFS and PESC administrative expenditure: – 856.000 and -250.000 respectively.

(1) Read also: Draft budget 2012: the PeSDC increases, evolution of foreign policy

Nicolas Gros Verheyde

Chief editor of the B2 site. Graduated in European law from the University of Paris I Pantheon Sorbonne and listener to the 65th session of the IHEDN (Institut des Hautes Etudes de la Défense Nationale. Journalist since 1989, founded B2 - Bruxelles2 in 2008. EU/NATO correspondent in Brussels for Sud-Ouest (previously West-France and France-Soir).

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