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Latest piracy news (October 15, 2011). The attacks continue


Two sailors from the MV Blida freed by their captors

On October 12, Somali pirates released two sailors from the MV Blida, an Algerian ship captured almost a year ago. They are a Ukrainian and an Algerian, released for “humanitarian reasons”. They would have suffered from heart problems.

Disappearance of a ship used as a mother ship

Le “Mv Socotra 1”, a Yemeni ship in the hands of pirates and used as a mother ship has reportedly disappeared. According to the NGO Ecoterra reporting testimonies from Somalis, the ship was near the Seychelles when it came under fire from an unidentified warship. Following the exchange of fire, it sank. Ecoterra indicates that no rescue attempt was made. And only a few men could have escaped unharmed; 39 people (unconfirmed figure) are believed to have died.

A whaler destroyed and 4 suspects arrested off the coast of Tanzania… then released

(credit: Eunavfor Atalanta)

A suspect whaler was seized on October 7 by the German frigate FGS Cologne which is taking part in the EU's anti-piracy operation Atalanta, about 200 miles east of Tanzania. The suspect vessel had previously been located by Norwegian maritime patrol aircraft (from the NATO mission, “Ocean Shield”). And when the Köln relocated it, the photos clearly showed that it was the same whaler, with a skiff in tow and 4 people on board. The German military team boarded the whaler, seized the equipment used for piracy and destroyed the ship. The 4 suspects were arrested, then released on land in Somalia.

The M/V Dover released

The Greek Ship, MV Dover, flying the Panamanian flag, was released on September 30 after payment of a ransom, confirms the European anti-piracy headquarters EUnavfor Atalanta. The crew of 23 sailors (3 Romanians, 1 Russian and 19 Filipinos) and the ship arrived safely at the port of Salalah in Oman on October 3. It was hijacked on February 28, 260 miles northeast of Salalah in the Arabian Sea while on its way from Port Quasim (Pakistan) to Saleef (Yemen).

Danish ship escapes attack in Arabian Sea

Somali pirates on Thursday (September 29) attacked a Danish tanker, the Torm Republican, in the southern part of the Arabian Sea. Gunfire was exchanged between the pirates and the private (British) guards present on board the ship. The pirates abandoned the attack. None of the 22 (Indian) crew members were injured. We do not know the fate of the pirates.

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