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Unfreezing of funds and reconciliation, the Paris deal (updated)

Final clarifications in the garden (at the Elysée) between French and Qataris (Credit: Presidency of the Republic / L. Blevennec - P. Segrette

(BRUSSELS2 at the Elysée Palace) “We spent 4 or 5 hours meeting to bring together two demands: those of Libya (the unfreezing of funds, assistance) and those of Libya's friends — reconciliation , democracy, … -. This is how Nicolas Sarkozy, as master of ceremonies, who played it modest, summarized the substance of the discussion.

Pardon process vs. unfreezing of funds

All the participants thus asked the CNT to begin “ a process of reconciliation and forgiveness "" Nothing can be done without reconciliation »said Nicolas Sarkozy. It is about demanding democracy, respect for human rights. Beautiful principles. But also much more concrete questions: ensuring the stability of Libya, its unity and securing the circulation of weapons, to prevent them from falling into “wrong hands”, ensuring control of its borders, particularly towards the south. In exchange, they committed to a gradual unfreezing of funds. $15 billion in funds are about to be unfrozen or will be unfrozen shortly. “ Money embezzled by Gaddafi and his entourage must return to the Libyan people ". The participants also pledged to quickly reopen their embassies in Tripoli.

The bet of freedom

It's the " bet of freedom that has been won commented the president of the Libyan CNT Abdel Jalil. " Misrata held, Jebel Nafusa held and finally Tripoli was liberated. » « Everyone united: the north, the south, the east, the west. We have seen the international effort for peace " he added, thanking " France, the United Kingdom, Qatar, the Emirates, Jordan, Italy and all NATO states who supported this effort ».

The strikes will continue

AF Rasmussen, NATO Secretary General, confirmed: “ The war is not over ". The strikes will therefore continue. as long as Gaddafi and his minions pose a threat »said Nicolas Sarkozy. But these strikes will remain targeted, graduated, discreet in some way. Because the objective of everyone – the CNT as well as NATO – is to allow as many combatants as possible to rally, to surrender or to abandon the fight, and to reduce accordingly the circle of forces which still defend Gaddafi. .

Angela's side step

While most leaders took a pas de deux in the courtyard of the Elysée to give a few comments to the journalists present (this was the case for Zapatero or Berlusconi), Angela Merkel decided not to hang around and rushed towards the exit where a German television and her car were waiting for her.

Nicolas Gros Verheyde

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